Need Payment Processing?

SeedERP helps merchants get setup with the proper high-risk payment processing for multiple industries. Our unique payment gateway integrates seamlessly with any processor, making our ERP retail platform the ideal, stress-free solution for our clients.

If you are looking for payment processing for your “high-risk” business, then please fill out this form to get started. This is a pre-qualification form. Once it is reviewed and approved by our team and underwriters, we will guide you through the steps to get your business up and running immediately.

We can support merchants in the following industries: Cannabis, CBD/Hemp, Nutraceuticals, Travel Clubs, MLM, Credit Repair, Collections, Fantasy Sports, Adult, Gaming (must be licensed), Vape & Nicotine.

Fill out the pre-qualification form below, and one a team member will reach out to gather any other information that is necessary.

Please be advised, prior to filling out this form, make sure you have ready the past three months of bank statements and processing statements. If you are a startup, please be able to provide a business plan.

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