E-COMMERCE New Platform

We know you don’t sell t-shirts, so we built an e-commerce platform to support your online CBD business, with all the tools that you need to grow.


The core of SeedERPstarted with e-commerce, and from there we began to integrate other essential tools and features that make up the ERP platform that it is today. We designed our e-commerce platform specifically to support the rapidly growing CBD / Hemp industry as more cannabis businesses started to incorporate new products to reach a wider audience with less regulation or stigma.

We understand the wide array of pain points associated with launching online presence in the industry, with major difficulties in setting up payment processing, which then became an even bigger issue when trying to find off-the-shelf e-commerce solutions that would happily support their business.

Your mind will be at ease knowing you have everything you need to run your CBD e-commerce business safely and reliably

E-Commerce Features

Here are the core features that you will have access to when you start working with SeedERP:


Manage Sales

View Reports



Website CMS


Promo codes

Staff Management

User Management

Additional Sales Channels


CBD Payment Gateway

We easily integrate with you high-risk merchant account, making payment processing a breeze for you and your customer, creating a seamless and positive experience for everyone.

Easy to Use

We’re basically giving you an easy button. We don’t want you to have to struggle to manage your business. SeedERP makes it easy for you and your team to work together.

The More You Know

The more you know about your business, the faster you can grow it. We give you the data and reports that you need to stay informed ofeverything happening in real-time.

Why stop at just

when you can add more
sales channels?

Selling your products online is just the start to turning your business into a major nationwide brand. Why stop at just e-commerce?
SeedERP is a powerful platform that allows you to sell through a variety of smart sales channels.
Here are a few that we can help you with:

Automated Retail Kiosks

Startup costs to open up your own shop can be debilitating to your business. Our automated retail kiosks make it easy to setup satellite store locations so that you can sell direct to foot traffic. Our proprietary payment gateway is built into our kiosks making it easy to integrate your high-risk merchant account.

Each kiosk can be managed remotely directly through the SeedERP’s platform, which means you can see all of your sales whether they are coming from your online store, or from your network of kiosks, all in one place!

On-Demand Delivery

Imagine if you could get your product into the hands of your customer within hours? Through on-demand delivery services, you can do just that, and you can manage it as an added sales channel directly in SeedERP. If you add this service, your customer will have the ability to choose on demand delivery for an added fee, and can easily track their order from the moment it gets processed to the time it arrives at their door.